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Misfit makes your smartphone your home base for health insights. Pair it with Misfit wearable trackers to log and store information about your activity and sleep. Set goals and stay motivated to meet them: track steps, distance, calories, weight, and sleep quality and duration; view trends over time in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly stats; monitor food intake with a unique photo-based journal. Pair it with other health apps like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and Lose It! to share fitness and sleep analysis.

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Misfit Link App

Misfit Link wirelessly controls your world. Pair it with Misfit wearable trackers including Ray, Shine 2, Flash, and Link to turn them into smart buttons and control connected devices with the tap of a finger: take a selfie with your phone camera app or Snapchat; control your music with Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, iTunes or Apple Music; or advance slides in a presentation. Connect with Nest thermostat to create your perfect home environment—Misfit Link works with new smart devices every day.

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Misfit Home App

Misfit Home transforms your environment with custom lighting controlled by your smartphone. Connect it with wireless smart LED bulb Misfit Bolt to create personalized, beautiful lightscapes using millions of color options. Set a sunrise simulation to wake you gently each morning, or pick a programmed dynamic lightscape like soothing Forest, energizing Bright Day, or screen-friendly Movie Night. Adjust the warmth, saturation, and brightness of each Misfit Bolt with the tap of a finger, or set up multiple bulbs to personalize your entire home or office.

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Misfit Cycling App

Misfit Cycling supercharges your cycling performance. Pair it with Misfit Flash Cyclist's Edition to log and store information about your rides, including cadence (RPMs), route taken, and speed and calories over time. Cadence and mapping information is also available in real time during each session. Pair it with other popular cycling apps like as Strava, MapMyRide, and more to share cycling and fitness analysis. Off the bike, Misfit Flash Cyclist's Edition also tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep quality and duration.

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Core Feature(s) Activity/Sleep Tracking 22/08/2014 Home Lighting Control Cycling Tracking
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iOS iOS 7 + iOS 8 + iOS 8 + iOS 8 +
Android Android 4.3 + Android 5.0 + Android 4.3 +
Windows Windows 8.1 +
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Misfit Ray
Misfit Shine 2
Misfit Shine
Swarovski Activity Crystal
Misfit Cyclist Edition
Misfit Bolt
Misfit Beddit