Misfit Link App


Operating Systems

iOS 9.0 +

Android 4.4+

Key Features:

Smartphone app that wirelessly controls connected home devices

Turns Misfit Ray, Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Flash, and Misfit Link into smart buttons

Takes a selfie, controls your music, or advances slides in a presentation with the tap of a finger

Allows endless IFTTT actions like posting data to spreadsheets or photos to social media

Connects with Nest thermostat to create your perfect home environment





We’re constantly adding more functionality to make the Misfit Link App more useful.

Take a picture or selfie

Control your music

Advance your slides

Track activity and sleep

Send a yo message

Trigger Harmony Hub Activity

Turn your Bolt bulb on / off
What is Misfit Bolt?

Call yourself (find your phone)


Operating Systems:

iOS 9.0 +

Android 4.4 +

Device Compatibility:

Misfit Ray (iOS, Android)

Misfit Shine 2* (iOS, Android, Windows***)

Misfit Flash (iOS, Android, Windows)

Misfit Link (iOS, Android, Windows)

Misfit Bolt (iOS, Android)

*includes Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition

***syncing only