Misfit Overview


It is who we are, who we aspire to be, and the company we keep. This is not just a job or a brand, it’s a way of seeing the world. And because of that, we quite often do not fit. But as people who are “mis-fits”, we see the like-minded among us—our passionate users, fans, and collaborators. In addition, we co-opt misfits throughout history as the pioneers of this

movement—those who remind us that breakthrough thinking is often marginalized in its time. So we embrace the skepticism, the insecurity, and even the self-doubt. We understand that they are our strength, our advantage, and our doorway to the future. In this, we stand together, as Misfits.



Misfit is always pressing towards the horizon. The true power of this brand is to innovate, and in doing so, capture hearts and minds. While the Fossil Group brands draw from the past and pursue the contemporary, Misfit finds its unique position as the futurist in the family. Innovation, imagination, possibility, the next frontier, and even the unknown belong to this brand.

Future Fashion Intelligence Wellness


Misfit was built on the lexicons of style and design. We see our position as being the perfect accessory to a fashionable life, and we take risks by creating an unusual language of architectural and basic geometry to achieve simple beauty.


Misfit has its origins in wellness, beginning with our initial fitness-based innovations. At our core, we are driven by the will to inspire change and improve lives—a far broader mission than fitness. We consider the entire picture: exercise, sleep, nutrition, and even the environment. Healthy living, sum total.


Misfit is rooted in intelligence. We invest in the humans, the technology, and the data that drive our connection to the world around us. We inhale and exhale that intelligence—a constant dialogue of learning and teaching, giving and receiving, pushing and pulling—to drive the insights and inspirations of our next innovations.


It describes how our pillars translate into deliverable experiences that form the essential, ongoing connection between our customers and their Misfit device.
It describes how we design technology that’s worth using continuously because it’s attractive and beneficial to us.

It describes our business approach, in which we challenge and explore all ideas to vet their inherent value.
It describes the unique product features that must go into a device that never needs removing.